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Telecommunications Determination No 1 of 2012


Telecommunications Licensing Fees


Prior to the enactment of the Telecommunications Promulgation 2008 (the Promulgation), the Government of Fiji enacted a license fee structure titled the Fourth Schedule of the Telecommunications (Amendment) Regulations 2008, Telecommunications and Radio Communications Fees and Charges under the ambit of the repealed Posts and Telecommunications Decree, 1989.

Since the enactment of the Promulgation and its subsequent Telecommunications Licensing Regulations (the Licensing Regulation), it is TAF’s view that a determination on license fees chargeable to licensees shall be made to ensure harmonisation with the objectives of the Promulgation and the Licensing Regulation.

In order to determine a starting point for a fee structure, TAF has decided that it will maintain some of the fees stated on the former structure, and include a new fee percentage of 1.5% on audited annual gross revenue derived from the services provided and net of settlements with other licensees in Fiji.

In order to implement the requirements of the Promulgation, TAF conducted consultations with industry early in 2011, and, on the basis of those consultations, developed proposed new “unified” licence Regulations.  These Regulations, if approved, will allow any services to be offered under a single licence, thus giving maximum flexibility to licensees and related opportunities to introduce new, innovative services.

Documentation that guides operators in submitting applications for new licences, pursuant to the requirements set out in the Promulgation, has also been developed.  It is expected that this process will lead to a simpler licensing regime, and will motivate potential new entrants to invest in the telecom market in Fiji, to the benefit of all telecom users, and the economy in general.

The Determination

The TAF Board has considered a submission from TAF on the new license fee structure. Given the importance of this component in relation to the objectives of the Promulgation and the Licensing Regulation, the TAF Board had decided to exercise its powers vested on it as outlined on Section 17(a) and Section 24(1) (c) of the Telecommunications Promulgation 2008, to make a determination on the licensing fees that TAF will be levying to the licensees. The new license fee structure is tabulated on the attached.

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