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TAF Press Release 1//11 - 23 September


23 September 2011


The Telecommunications Authority of Fiji (TAF) is pleased to announce the formation of an industry working group that will assist it in considering telecommunications numbering issues in Fiji. The Numbering Industry Working Group, also known as NIWG, had its first meeting on the 30th of August 2011, and approved its Terms of Reference and established its working arrangements.

Numbers are a national asset and TAF has a key role to play to ensure appropriate utilisation and application. It is important that industry provide input advice and guidance to TAF on numbering issues. The Telecommunications Promulgation 2008 (‘the Promulgation’) requires numbers to be managed in a transparent and non discriminatory manner, and the formation of this group greatly assists this process.

Through a wide representation of stakeholders that are affected by the use and application of numbers, the group will assist TAF to set:

·         A platform to ensure the use of numbers is sustainable

·         Provide for new technology introduction into the Fiji market as early as practicable

·         Put in place a numbering framework that is conducive to the economic growth of Fiji

The TAF CEO and NIWG Chairperson, Mr. Ronald Box, believes the meeting was a success with industry showing commitment and a desire to be involved in numbering discussions and processes.  “It will also assist in maturing industry debate on technical and regulatory issues in Fiji”, says Mr. Box.

Plans are now in place to introduce a new numbering plan into Fiji. This will be the basis for issuance and use of numbers in the future. A public consultation document is being developed for issue early in 2012; at which time wide – ranging input will be sought.

NIWG meetings are scheduled to be held each quarter.

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