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Import Permit Procedure

The requirements provided below are mandatory and must be fulfilled prior to the issuance of import permit(s) for importation of mobiles and radio communication devices to be type approved in Fiji.

1.      Reception of import permit application which contains;


a.      All technical documentations and invoices of equipment(s) in soft or hard copy.

b.      To enable TAF to issue an import permit, we require provision of brand, model and serial numbers for all mobile phones and radio communication(s) devices for assessment before an import permit can be issued.


2.      Application fee of FJ$10.90 per model /type approval is paid. 

3.      An import permit fee is levied on all telecommunication and radio communication equipment imported
  into Fiji. A fee applies to each model assessed for type approval in respect of the
  telecommunication promulgation 2008 and the telecommunication (Amendments) Regulation 2008.

4.      A fee is charged on each equipment assessment that TAF undertakes in response to an application
  request. This applies to each model assessed and for which a type approval is issued. That fee is $10.90
  irrespective of the number of individual handsets associated with that model. As such, a fee is charged on
  the different types of equipment (models) provided for processing. This is outlined on “section29” of
  the telecommunication (amendments) regulation 2008 (License fee schedule), “for a single request to
  import radio communication”.

5.      Lead time for such approval is 1 to 2 days.

6.      Payment can be done at:

a.  All Post Fiji outlets using TMO (Telegraphic Money Order) to: GOVERNMENT BUILDING POST OFFICE ONLY.
After sending the money please fax the TMO receipt and the filled Application form to fax number +679 3310110 or email the scanned TMO receipt and filled Application form to

b.  TAF office located at Level 1, 76 Gordon Street, Suva. Fiji.

        7.     Online payments are accepted.

        8.     The import permit(s) can be faxed upon request or collected from TAF office.

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