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Functions of Minister

(1) For the purpose of carrying into effect the objectives in section 3, the Minister has the following functions-
     (a) to formulate, monitor and review the telecommunications policy, for approval by Cabinet;

     (b) to recommend to Government policies in the area of legislation, fiscal incentives, investment promotion, rural development, education, health and other areas affecting or affected by telecommunications;

     (c) to promote Fiji as a regional telecommunications hub; and

     (d) to ensure that Fiji is represented in regional and international organisations, agreements and obligations.
(2) The Minister shall review telecommunications policies at least every 3 years and the review shall -
     (a) assess progress in achieving the objectives in section 3 since the previous telecommunications   policy, including by comparison to other countries;

     (b) identify impediments to such progress;

     (c) recommend policies to address such impediments and improve such progress, having due regard to the need to preserve the value of investment and to minimize uncertainty in the investment environment; and

     (d) recommend legislation, if required, to implement such policies.
(3) In preparing the telecommunications policy, the Minister shall consult with the Authority and the Commerce Commission, and shall hold consultations with users and licensees.

(4) The Minister may not hold any direct or indirect financial interest in, or exercise any management control over, a licensee under this Promulgation, except for -
     (a) Government holding shares in a licensee under this Promulgation so long as the Minister is not responsible for exercising rights under such shares; and

     (b) indirect interests managed through investment and pension funds where the Minister cannot influence, purchase, sale or exercise of voting rights of such an interest.
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